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Banco Davivienda (Banco Davivienda S.A.)


Banco Davivienda - Banco Davivienda S.A.

Colombia's third largest bank Davivienda offers a broad range of banking products and services to both personal and business clients. Initially focused on housing financing, the bank has subsequently broadened to encompass a wide variety of sectors including retail banking, corporate banking and SME banking. The company offers savings and checking accounts, certificates of deposit, and bonds. Its loan portfolio comprises home mortgage and leasing loans, commercial loans, consumer loans, auto loans, credit cards, and other personal credits. Its subsidiaries include car loan company Confinanciera, trust companies Fiduciaria Cafetera and Fiduciaria Davivienda, and securities brokerage firm Davivalores. The bank also operates abroad through subsidiaries Bancafe Panama and Miami-based Bancafe International. Davivienda is owned by the local Bolivar group.

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Banco Davivienda Data and Contacts

Name: Banco Davivienda
Address: Av. El Dorado # 68C - 61
City: Bogotá
Country: Colombia
Phone number: 57-1-3300000
Fax: 57-1-4199067
Sector: Insurance
Subsectors: Commercial/Retail Banking

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