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Banco Río (Banco Río de Ahorro y Crédito, S.A.)


Banco Río - Banco Río de Ahorro y Crédito, S.A.

Dominican savings and loan bank Banco de Ahorro y Credito Rio (Banco Rio) was founded in 2004 but began operating in earnest at the end of 2005. Its products and services include savings accounts, certificates of deposit, money exchange, and a range of loan options, including consumer, commercial and SME loans. Banco Rio is based in Santo Domingo and is a subsidiary of local company Enchamar.

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Banco Río Data and Contacts

Name: Banco Río
Address: Gustavo Mejía Ricart, Esq. Abraham Lincoln. Torre Pianitini, 1er Nivel, Piantini
City: Santo Domingo,Distrito Nacional
Country: Dominican R.
Phone number: 1-809-6831333
Fax: 1-809-6830098
Sector: Banking
Subsectors: Financial Services

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