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Electric Power

Eletrobras Distribuição Piauí (Companhia Energética do Piauí)


Eletrobras Distribuição Piauí - Companhia Energética do Piauí

Unlisted Brazilian power distributor Companhia Energética do Piauí (Eletrobras Distribuição Piauí), a company controlled by state-run utility holding group Eletrobrás, distributes power to 224 municipalities in Piauí, serving 1,062,094 customers and over 3 million residents. Its service territory covers 215.5km2 with 67,203km of distribution lines, 6,982km of transmission lines and 78 substations. Eletrobras - Distribuição Piauí distributed 2,627GWh of power in 2012.

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Eletrobras Distribuição Piauí Data and Contacts

Name: Eletrobras Distribuição Piauí
Address: Avenida Maranhão #759 Sul - Centro
City: Teresina,Piauí
Country: Brazil
Phone number: 55-86-32288000
Fax: 55-86-32288000
Sector: Electric Power
Subsectors: Distribution

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