Telefonica Argentina (Telefónica de Argentina S.A.)

Telefonica Argentina - Telefónica de Argentina S.A.

Telecoms operator Telefonica Argentina provides local and international fixed telephony services, as well as broadband and dial-up internet access under the brands Advance and Speedy, respectively. It also operates telecontrol and commercial call centers. The firm was one of two telcos spun off from the former state telecommunications company Entel on November 8, 1990. The company enjoyed exclusivity in the local loop until full market deregulation on November 9, 2000. It currently has about 30% of the market. Telefonica Argentina is fully controlled by Spanish telecoms giant Telefónica.

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Name Telefonica Argentina
Address Avda. Ingeniero Huergo # 723, Piso 17º
City Buenos Aires , Capital Federal
Fax 54-11-43944809-
Sector Telecommunications
Subsector Equipment/Infrastructure

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