Not a Tech Backwater

At the last AGM of Caribbean telcos' association CANTO in February, the CTO of Trinidad & Tobago state operator TSTT noted that not all of the tech trends causing a stir globally - such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles - would be targeted by service providers and other organizations in the Caribbean this year.

Nevertheless, telcos and governments in the Caribbean will be working on several precursors of such trends, often mirroring efforts seen in mainland Latin America.

TSTT chief technology officer Roger Richards singled out m-money and fintech, IP enabled vehicles, e-health services, cyber security, IoT business services, cloud driven networks and public WiFi as the main ICT trends underway in the Caribbean today.

Advances in these areas are possible largely because of concerted efforts by entities like CANTO and the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) to bring order to the ICT arena across the many varied economies in this sub-region.

This report outlines how this is being achieved and what steps are being taken to ensure that further progress ensues.


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