"This year, the company will focus on developing the Latin American market"

Friday, January 7, 2011

Massachusetts-based Acronis was introduced to Latin America eight years ago. It has since consolidated its presence in other markets such as Europe and the US, but it will now turn its attention toward expanding its business in Latin America, where it operates through a channel partner network.

BNamericas spoke to the company's regional account manager Andres Enrique to find out more about Acronis' strategy for the region and outlook for 2011.

BNamericas: How does Acronis manage its Latin America operation?

Enrique: We launched operations in Latin America in 2003, but we manage the region from our office in the US. We don't have our own field offices in Latin America and, due to this, we have always based our strategy for this region on our channel network.

We have regional wholesale partners and a large base of resellers in the region. Initially, we decided to enter the Mexican and the Caribbean markets, due to the proximity with the US market. Then we launched operations in the Argentine market, with an initial low volume of business.

BNamericas: Is the company considering opening field office in any country across Latin America in the medium or long term?

Enrique: We are not currently studying this possibility. However, this could happen in the future.

BNamericas: Which are the main markets in the region for Acronis in terms of business?

Enrique: Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

BNamericas: How much do these markets account for in terms of revenue?

Enrique: We can't provide specific information about this, but what I can tell you is that these markets have a significant contribution to our overall regional revenues. Other key markets for Acronis in Latin America are Argentina and Chile.

We have a medium-sized company compared with some of our global competitors such as Symantec. However, we are experiencing very high growth rates in Latin America. We can say that we haven't yet reached our growth ceiling in any of these markets. We have room to grow across all of Latin America.

BNamericas: How much did the company's regional revenues grow in 2010 compared with the previous year?

Enrique: I can't provide the exact figure, but Acronis has experienced double-digit growth in Latin America in 2010. The outlook for 2011 is very positive, and we expect to continue growing at high rates.

For 2011, we also expect to launch a new program for our partners in the region, which will enable us to expand our business. The idea of this new partner plan is to provide more training to our existing partners, as well as to significantly expand the number of partners we have in the region.

We currently have two regional wholesale partners, which are Techdata and Lifeboat. With Techdata, we have a strong presence in Caribbean markets. Taking into account the whole Latin American operation, we currently have some 1,000 partners. We aim to consolidate this base and train our partners.

BNamericas: Is Acronis' full portfolio of solutions already available in Latin American markets? Are you seeing an increasing adoption of backup and disaster recovery solutions for virtual environments?

Enrique: Yes, the full portfolio is commercially available in Latin American markets. Companies can acquire our products from our website or through our distributors.

In Latin America, we're starting to see increasing adoption of virtualization in certain markets, such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. However, I think that there is a lot of work to do to spread the concept of virtualization, since many companies know what virtualization means but still believe it's not yet a feasible solution for them.

BNamericas: How do you structure your portfolio of solutions?

Enrique: We have solutions for large companies, SMEs and for individual consumers. At a corporate level, we offer the advanced version of our flagship product, which is for the centralized control of the company's backup solutions. Our advanced solution is also scalable, which is good for large corporations.

For small companies, we offer our standard backup and disaster recovery solutions. Meanwhile, for the consumer segment, we also offer our backup and recovery suite for computers with Windows XP and Windows 7. We also have antivirus solutions exclusively for the consumer segment, and we offer a solution called Disk Director, which is a disk management tool oriented for both consumer and corporate segments.

In Latin America, our wholesale distributors and resellers only sell solutions for the corporate segment. However, our solutions for the consumer segment could be acquired through our website.

BNamericas: Taking into account the level of adoption of backup and disaster recovery solutions in other regions, do you believe that the level in Latin America is still slow? Are companies aware of the importance of implementing these tools for their operations?

Enrique: The Latin American market is less mature compared with other markets in terms of adoptions. However, companies within this region are starting to have interest in rapid disaster recovery solutions. Companies are starting to get familiar with this technology.

The company's initial focus was to gain market share in Europe and the US. This year, the company will also put the focus on developing the Latin American market.

About the company

Headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, Acronis is a provider of backup, recovery and security solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments. The company's patented disk imaging technology enables corporations, SMBs and consumers to protect their digital assets. With Acronis' disaster recovery, deployment and migration software, users can protect their digital information, maintain business continuity and reduce downtime.

The company has offices in Russia, Europe, Asia and Australia.