Govts. Agree on Power Export/Import

Friday, November 23, 2001

The governments of Colombia and Venezuela have reached an agreement on the export and import of electricity between the two countries, before Colombia starts exporting 250MW to Venezuela from December 1.

The agreement was formalized November 21 between Venezuela's deputy energy minister Jose Luis Pacheco and Colombia's outgoing mines and energy minister Ramiro Valencia.

Colombian companies Isagen and Termotasagero will be responsible for the 250MW export to Venezuela, supplying 150MW to Zulia state and 100MW to Tachira state, the Venezuelan ministry said

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"It's important to underline that this purchase of electricity from Colombian companies is part of the plan of action being developed by the Mines & Energy Ministry to counter the threat of shortages as a result of drought in the Amazon basin and supply problems in the thermoelectric park," the Venezuelan ministry said in its statement.