Celec will guarantee electric power for block 43 - ITT

Friday, August 17, 2018

This press release from the Electric Corporation of Ecuador was published using an automatic translation sytem.

The Electricity Corporation of Ecuador (CELEC-EP), through the Termopichincha Business Unit, will guarantee the supply of electric energy for Block 43 ITT operations. For this, electric generators (HYUNDAI 9H21 / 32) and auxiliary equipment, with an effective power of 30 MW, will be installed in the Tiputini Process Center (CPT), which is outside the Yasuní National Park, in the province of Orellana.

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The general manager of the CELEC EP, Gonzalo Uquillas Vallejo, accompanied by the Minister of Hydrocarbons, Carlos Pérez; and the manager of Petroamazonas, Alex Galárraga, made a technical visit to the platforms where these equipment will be installed.

Until the CPT will be transferred the power generators of the Central Quevedo, in Los Ríos, which have the capacity to adapt and operate with crude fuel, extracted from the same oil field. In this way, state assets are optimized and operating costs are reduced.

These generation equipment are currently in support (in reserve condition) of the National Interconnected System (SNI) and will be used to cover the energy demand necessary for the operation of the Ishpingo, Tambococha and Tiputini (ITT) fields, Gonzalo commented. Uquillas

On March 22, 2018, Petroamazonas EP and CELEC EP signed agreements for the development of this project. According to these commitments, Petroamazonas EP is responsible for the construction of the platform, the civil works (foundations) for the location of the generation plants and the auxiliary systems, in accordance with the technical definitions. For its part, CELEC EP will proceed with the disassembly, mobilization and start-up of electric generators in the ITT Field (20 units) and in the Cuyabeno Field (eight units), considering the feasibility of commercial electric generation with the crude oil of each one of them. the mentioned sites.

The work agenda developed on August 9, in addition, included the delivery of the electrification project to the Boca Tiputini parish, town of Yanayacu, Block 43, which will benefit 170 inhabitants of the sector. "It is not only about delivering electricity networks, but we fundamentally want to ensure 24-hour electricity supply," said Uquillas.

"Through the Boca Tiputini Central, we have installed and have three generating groups available, which allows us to have all the availability and reliability in the electricity supply, which you have well deserved," he concluded.