Chile competes with Europe in the implementation of electric buses

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

This press release from BYD was published using an automatic translation system.

Electric technologies are taking over the main cities of the world; On this occasion, Chile joins this important initiative and signs an agreement with BYD to deliver 100 K9FE electric buses in Santiago de Chile. the collaboration will be carried out with the energy distributor ENEL, as the most important partner of this agreement.

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Last year the companies ENEL and BYD partnered to introduce two electric buses in Santiago; These buses have received official recognition from the operator. The buses covered eight of the most important road arteries in the city, in a trial process.

The fleet that will arrive at the end of November and its operation will be carried out in the main avenues of the city such as Greece, Vicuña Mackenna, Alameda, among others. The vehicles will be equipped with the latest BYD battery technology, and will be customized for the Chilean market, complying with local transportation regulations.

The incorporation of BYD's electric bus fleet makes Chile a pioneer in electric urban mobility in the region, to become a model that can be implemented in other markets and countries. This operation will also demonstrate a positive impact on the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city.

"Operating a BYD electric bus is equivalent to reducing the carbon emissions of 33 conventional cars, and BYD electric buses are safe, quiet and can reduce operating costs by up to 70 percent." A BYD electric bus only requires 70 Chilean pesos per kilometer, compared to 350 Chilean pesos per kilometer for buses with internal combustion engines, we believe we can offer both quality and safety. " Says Tamara Berríos, spokesperson for BYD in Chile.