Costa Rica transmission plan tops US$600mn

Monday, January 11, 2016

Costa Rican energy authorities have outlined transmission projects to be carried out through 2025 that will require investments of US$670mn.

The works are intended to cover load demand and electricity consumption that is forecast to hit 1,859MW and 12.3TWh in 2020, respectively, and 2,263MW and 15.4TWh in 2025 compared with this year's expected 1,644MW and 10.7TWh.

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Priority projects include Peñas Blancas-Garita, Cariblanco-Trapiche, Anillo Sur, Anillo de Miravalles and expansion of the Tejona substation, according to state power company ICE's 2015-25 transmission expansion plan.

The plan highlights the dispatch requirements for new power generation projects such as 650MW hydroelectric plant Diquís and 110MW geothermal park Borínquen.

The country's grid comprises 2,143km, of which 1,496km is 230kV and 647km 138kV.

Pictured: 230kV Tarbaca substation (CREDIT: ICE)