Ecuador power generation studies top 5GW

Monday, March 11, 2013

Studies underway in Ecuador to identify the potential of adding capacity to the power generation park reach 5.68GW, BNamericas has learned.

Hydro accounts for the bulk with 5.38GW followed by 172MW geothermal and 130MW wind, with studies ranging from prefeasibility to definitive design, according to the power and renewable energy ministry.

The hydro projects including potential, study phase, advancement and province are the lower Zamora river basin (3.5GW, prefeasibility/integral basin study, 52.6%, Zamora Chinchipe), upper Guayllabamba river basin (n/a, prefeasibility/integral basin study, 43.3%, Pichincha-Imbabura), Baeza (50MW, feasibility/definitive design, 25%, Napo), Chirapi-Chontal (350MW, optimization study, 20%, Pichincha-Imbabura), Cardenillo (593MW, feasibility/definitive design, 86%, Morona Santiago), Tortugo (200MW, definitive design, 100%, Pichincha-Imbabura-Esmeraldas), Chontal (184MW, definitive design, 100%, Pichincha-Imbabura-Esmeraldas), Chespi-Palma Real (460MW, definitive design, 100%, Pichincha-Imbabura) and La Merced de Jondachi (23MW, definitive design, 100%, Napo).

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The geothermal projects are Soldados Yanuncay (22MW, definitive design, 100%, Azuay), Chacana (52MW, initial prefeasibility, 100%, Napo-Pichincha), Cachimbiro (80MW, initial prefeasibility, 100%, Imbabura), Chalpatán (n/a, initial prefeasibility, 56.2%, Carchi) and Tufiño (40MW, initial prefeasibility, 21%, Carchi-border Colombia).

And the wind projects are Manta (80MW, prefeasibility, 100%, Manabí) and Huascachaca (50MW, prefeasibility, 100%, Loja).