Guyana to release Amaila hydro project review

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Guyana's government will shortly release results of a review undertaken by Norconsult of the Amaila Falls hydropower project to determine its future.

Finance minister Winston Jordan made the announcement this week while presenting the country's 2017 budget, which bears the slogan Building a Diversified, Green Economy: Delivering the Good Life to All Guyanese.

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The official highlighted efforts underway to eliminate Guyana's dependency on fossil fuels and move toward the goal of 100% renewable energy supply by 2025.

Next year, under Guyana Energy Agency management, the renewable energy program will seek to install rooftop solar PV systems on 64 government buildings for a combined 1.36MW, and the first ever solar farm in Mabaruma that will boast 400kW and benefit 3,000 residents, Jordan said.

Other solar farms are envisioned in Lethem (800kW), Mahdia (400kW) and Bartica (1.5MW).

Meanwhile, geotechnical studies are due to completed in 2017 for the Moco Moco hydropower development project and data collection studies will be conducted for a wind pilot project, he added.

Measures to spur such investments will include the granting of a one-off tax holiday of two years for corporation tax to importers of items for wind and solar energy investment.

Jordan also said that the excise tax on hybrid and electric vehicles will be lowered and tax exemptions granted to set up electric vehicle charging stations.

And the government's energy efficiency program involves installing over 10,000 LED lamps, some 3,700 occupancy sensors in government buildings, 360 energy efficiency outdoor lights and the procurement of 5,000 energy efficient street lights.