Installation of conductors for 500kV line complete

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Press release from Ande

Last Sunday, June 10 of this year, the laying of conductors and guard cables for the 500 kV Transmission Line ended. Yacyretá - Ayolas - Villa Hayes, thus achieving the union of the Entidad Binacional Yacyretá, located in the city of Ayolas of the department of Misiones, with the Substation Villa Hayes, of the department of Presidente Hayes.

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The aforementioned runs starts at the exit gate of the Binational Entity and travels 364 km, to the portico of arrival at the Villa Hayes Substation, crossing in its 611 step properties in the Misiones, Paraguarí, Cordillera and Central departments, whose owners were compensated for the affectation in each case.

The guard cables of the transmission line were used to use them as fiber optic transport, and in this way they can be used in communication systems.

During the construction process of the line, in the course of two years, innumerable inconveniences were raffled, mainly related to the crossing of three important rivers: the Paraná, in the section of the Braña Aña Cuá, the Tebicuary and the Paraguay River, in addition of different estuaries and flood zones typical of the Southern Region of the country.

Likewise, the rock stratigraphies, mainly in the areas of Itacurubí and Emboscada, as well as the delicate environmental reserve area on the Island of Yacyretá, where the work has been coordinated with the aforementioned Entity, in addition to the EBY exit made on the turbinadas waters to about 40 meters of height, were challenges realized with success, in time and form, thanks to a meticulous planning.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that the expansion works of the Ayolas and Villa Hayes Substations, necessary to receive the new 500 kV line, including the supply and assembly of the entire maneuver, measurement, protection, control and communication system, both in the Ayolas Substation as in the Villa Hayes Substation, they are completed and in final testing stage, which will allow to reach the conclusion of the works in time and form despite the climatic instabilities and the characteristics of the soil, which hampered the execution of the works.

For the aforementioned, June 10, 2018 has become a historical date, where it has been demonstrated that Paraguayans are up to the great challenges, because this mega work of 140 million dollars (including the extensions of the Substations Ayolas and Villa Hayes) has been carried out within the standards of quality and management envisaged in the most demanding international standards and proof of this is the recognition that this project was the object of the IDB, one of the financing institutions.

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