ITAIPU covered more than 80% of the energy in the last demand peaks in Paraguay

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The supply of energy by the ITAIPU Hydroelectric Power Plant represented more than 88% of the total historical demand recorded by the Paraguayan National Interconnected System (SIN-PY) this Thursday, January 17.

On the same day, two consumption peaks were recorded, according to reports from the National Electricity Administration (ANDE). The first reported peak occurred at 14:40, and was 3,319MW (megawatt). At that time, the supply of ITAIPU to the SIN-PY was 2,954MW, which represented an 89% share of the total demand, with the remaining demand being covered by the Yacyretá and Acaray hydroelectric plants.

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The next historical peak occurred at 21:25, with a total demand of 3,319MW, where the participation of ITAIPU in meeting the demand of the SIN-PY was 89%, with a value of 2,961MW, according to the data provided by the Technical Management of the Entity. It should be noted that the historical value of demand of the SIN-PY registered exceeds the maximum value foreseen by the ANDE for the month of January 2019, and is very close to the maximum expected for 2019.

Several factors allowed the ITAIPU plant to respond to the high demands of the Paraguayan electricity system in days of intense heat. One of them is that the equipment of the ITAIPU 50Hz / SIN-PY interconnection is in perfect working order, such as the regulatory autotransformers of the Margen Right Substation. Likewise, the reinforcements made in the 220kV transmission lines during 2018 in the ITAIPU 50Hz / SIN-PY interconnection contributed to increase the supply capacity of ITAIPU to the SIN-PY, providing greater reliability to the supply, especially in periods of high demand.

Likewise, the qualified preparation and the commitment to the operational excellence of the human resources that coordinate the execution of the supply to the purchasing entities, ANDE and Eletrobras, have been vital to achieve the current reliability indices of the plant.

As an additional highlight, on January 15 and 16, successive peaks of historical demand were also registered in the Brazilian Interconnected System (SIN-BR), according to data from the National System Operator (ONS). The participation of ITAIPU in the coverage of demand peaks of the SIN-BR was very important, due to the unavailability of part of the transmission system that makes it possible to send energy from the northern region of Brazil to the main cargo centers of the SIN-BR. This fact demonstrates the importance of ITAIPU for Paraguay and Brazil.

This Itaipu release was published using an automatic translation system.