Latin America power roundup

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Chilean municipality of San Fabián, in the southern region of Biobío, filed a claim on behalf of residents with a local environmental court requesting that environmental evaluation service SEA carry out an assessment of a modification to the 136MW Ñuble run-of-the-river project .

Hidroñuble presented the modification to the SEA last year to increase the intervention area to 130ha from 54ha to build the water supply channel.

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"Despite the arguments presented by the municipality, SEA said an environmental evaluation of the modifications was not necessary," the municipal government said in a statement.


The energy environmental affairs office (DGAAE) of Peru's energy and mines ministry approved Consorcio Transmantaro's (CTM) detailed EIS for transmission project Friaspata-Mollepata.

Approval does not constitute the granting of other authorizations or permits that CTM must secure, according to the resolution detailing the DGAAE approval.


Central American integration system SICA is in the preparation phase to create a fund for the sub-region to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

The news followed a workshop at Nicaragua's energy and mines ministry, the country's government reported.