Minister of Energy highlights Chile's potential to produce "green hydrogen"

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

This press release from Chile's Ministry of Energy was published using an automatic translation system.

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The minister, Susana Jiménez, was in charge of inaugurating the Second International Conference: "Green Hydrogen for the Energy Transition of Chile".

The event brought together international experts to discuss new perspectives in large-scale hydrogen production with renewable energies for the field of mining, fuels, fertilizers and energy storage.

Before more than 450 attendees, the Minister of Energy, Susana Jiménez, highlighted the relevant investment opportunities that can be presented to Chile in the framework of the Chilean energy transition, at the opening of the Second International Conference: "Green Hydrogen for the Energy Transition of Chile".

"There is a great possibility that in the future the country can contribute by producing 'green hydrogen' efficiently and competitively, taking advantage of the abundant and economical renewable energy resource that Chile has," said Energy Minister Susana Jiménez.

The authority added that "from the Ministry of Energy we are focused on knowing the ecosystem of the hydrogen economy and identify the opportunities that its incorporation to the energy matrix could bring, with a safe, efficient and competitive use and production based on renewable energies. "

During the meeting -organized by the Ministry of Energy, GIZ, Corfo and the Solar Committee- more 32 international experts discussed the global technological perspectives and the local advantages that Chile could present, to become a protagonist of the hydrogen economy generated from of renewable energies.

In this context, Minister Jiménez referred to the characteristics of this chemical element, highlighting that "it is the most abundant and light of the existing elements, it is not toxic nor does it have an odor, but it is not freely available in the environment, so that must be produced from different sources ", while commenting that in Chile an interest in hydrogen has started to be raised for reasons of safety and energy independence, and for the possible importance that the possibility could take in the global energy market that it provides to mitigate environmental effects.

"Hydrogen could be used as fuel in transportation and mining, either directly in combustion engines or to propel machinery, equipment and electric vehicles using fuel cells, or it can be used as an input in the production of fertilizers for agriculture. "or as an energy carrier in new applications of the industry, displacing the consumption of fossil fuels and avoiding CO2 emissions," the minister said in her speech.

Regulatory progress

"In Chile there are still no specific regulations applied to the use of hydrogen as a fuel, but only as an industrial gas, used under current regulations and internal and international safety standards as a guide." Therefore, under the mandate of President Sebastián Piñera, to lead the energy modernization of the country, as a Ministry we will work on the revision and updating of the current regulations, incorporating the analysis of alternative fuels that could be commercialized in the Chilean market, such as hydrogen, "the minister said.