Paraguay readies hydro prequalification call

Thursday, November 24, 2016

A process to prequalify to develop a hydroelectric plant on the Ypané river (pictured) in Paraguay is expected to begin in about two weeks.

The government made the announcement after the country's independent power production and transport council Conaptie approved bidding rules, which public procurement agency DNCP had already greenlighted.

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The 10MW project will cost an estimated US$40mn, mines and energy deputy minister Mauricio Bejarano said in a statement.

Evaluation of prequalification documents will take about 45 days and the tendering process will take about six months, it said. Evaluation of the final bids will take about three months.

Conaptie also authorized DNCP-approved bidding rules for an alternative power generation project in Bahía Negra in northern Alto Chaco that would use biomass or wind, or another type of non-fossil fuel.

Prequalification for this project, which would benefit an area not connected to the national grid, is due to begin after a public hearing on Friday.