Peru's thermo hub secures environmental clearance

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Peruvian environmental authorities approved thermoelectric plants that are part of a planned energy hub in the south of the country.

The Nodo Energético del Sur plants are Ilo and Mollendo, each of which will boast 500MW and are expected online in 2016-17.

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Local power generator Enersur is behind Ilo, while Mollendo belongs to Samay I.

In separate resolutions, the energy and mines ministry's environmental affairs office said EIS approval does not constitute the granting of authorizations, permits or other requirements that the companies must secure.

The plants initially will burn diesel and then switch to natural gas when the Sur Peruano pipeline begins operations.

At this week's national energy plan launch, minister Eleodoro Mayorga said natural gas will continue being the most used resource in the country.

Also from Peru, the ministry and Consorcio Transmantaro signed contracts for transmission concession Friaspata-Mollepata which the ISA-controlled company won in August.