Pradera Substation enters into operation to strengthen the Esmeraldas electrical system

Monday, July 9, 2018

This press release from CNEL was published using an automatic translation system.

As part of the projects to guarantee the reliability and continuity of the electric service within the service area of ​​the Esmeraldas Business Unit, the National Electricity Corporation CNEL EP built the Pradera subtransmission system, in the sector in front of Casa Bonita, in the south of the city of Esmeraldas on Via Atacames.

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This distribution substation has a power transformer with a capacity of 18/24 MVA at the 69 / 13.8 kV level, which will improve the distribution in the south of the city of Esmeraldas, which has recorded considerable growth in recent years, and address the future increase in demand for electricity in the southern neighborhoods and in the rural parishes Vuelta Larga, Tabiazo and Carlos Concha.

This will be possible because now the 3 new feeders of the Pradera substation: Primavera, Samanes and Vuelta Larga have distributed part of the load that the Prairie Feeder had, which supplied the sectors located from the Y of the Refinery road to the height from the Jardines de la Paz cemetery to Samanes; and to the referred rural parishes.

The morning of today, the technical staff of the Esmeraldas Business Unit checked the phase sequence, as part of the functional tests prior to the energization and start-up of the new substation that has an investment of USD 2 '559,201,12 for Directly benefit more than 50 thousand inhabitants.

After the tests without news, the new Pradera substation came into operation, feeding sectors such as La Primavera, La Tormenta, Cananga, San Miguel, El Tecal, Púmpula, Floresta, Vencedores del Llano, Gatazo, Costa Verde, Blessing of God, Monte Sinai, Casa Bonita, Terra Nostra, Judicial and Samanes; and to the rural parishes Vuelta Larga, Tabiazo and Carlos Concha.

With projects of this type, CNEL EP reaffirms its commitment to work for the continuous strengthening of the electricity system in the province of Esmeraldas, as part of its expansion plan to serve the more than 129,000 customers of the Esmeraldas Business Unit, framed in the objectives of the National Government to guarantee the progressive access of people to their rights, through public policies for the development of the population.