Smart Meters - Helping to Create a Smarter Grid in Jamaica

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Press release from Jamaica Public Service Company

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As part of its ongoing system upgrade and initiative to create a smarter grid, JPS has invested approximately US$8 million over the past two years to install 40,000 smart meters across the island. This year, the Company continues the journey towards a smarter grid with the installation of 100,000 smart meters.

The smart meter which enables two-way communication between the meter and the central system (at JPS), records the consumption of electricity and communicates that information daily to JPS for monitoring and billing. With the installation of this meter, customers will be able to monitor and track their consumption and experience improved service reliability.

The installation of the smart meter device which takes less than 15 minutes, is carried out by an authorized contractor and/or JPS technician. Personnel will be clearly identified by a valid identification card worn visibly on their person. Notifications about meter changes are done via text messages, email, the Company's social media handles, as well as in the print and electronic media.

In addition to the replacement of 100,000 meters, JPS is replacing meters in the Seaview Gardens and Old Harbour Bay communities, of St. Andrew and St. Catherine respectively. This is an important move for the Company, as it will result in reduced occurrence of estimated bills - thus improving customer satisfaction and guarding against breaching the Guaranteed Standards, which states "Customers should NOT get more than two (2) consecutive estimated bills (where the Company has access to the meter)."

The future is SMART, and the Company is taking the necessary steps to ensure that the network becomes smarter, more robust, and delivers the quality service customers deserve.