The Control Center of the National Dispatch Center is inaugurated in Colombia

Thursday, July 5, 2018

This press release from XM was published using an automatic translation system.

XM, operator of the National Interconnected System and administrator of the Wholesale Energy Market of Colombia, inaugurates the Control Center of the National Dispatch Center, the place from which the operation of the National Interconnected System is planned, supervised and coordinated to meet the demand of energy of the country.

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The "brain" of the National Interconnected System, pioneered in America and second worldwide to implement the latest development of SCADA, incorporates multi-site technology with availability above 99% for continuous operation and phasor measurement technology, enabling greater reliability in the supervision of the system to have detailed information of the last generation network and take preventive and timely actions for the security of the system.

The new Control Center complies with the NERC CIP international standards, associated with compliance with cybersecurity protocols for this type of system, which guarantees that the probability of having a cyber attack on the system is very low.

The projection system (videowall) is German high-definition technology based on LED, which guarantees to maintain the same color and brightness throughout its useful life. The color displays of the screen are in gray scale to prevent fatigue and maintain the situational awareness of the operators.

The Control Center interacts with the operators of 122 companies among generators, transporters and distributors; The operation of more than 26,000 km is monitored and coordinated. of transmission lines, 26 communications links and 206 generation plants, connected to 249 power substations located throughout the national territory. For the supervision of the system, about 26,000 variables are received every 4 seconds, more than 55,000 maneuvers are performed annually and the operation of the interconnections with Ecuador and Venezuela is coordinated.

The Control Center of the National Dispatch Center will have two updates of the hardware and software every 4 years, which will guarantee the latest available version and will have the best technology to meet the challenges of the operation and maintain an integrated control of the resources of the Interconnected System National until 2030.

As part of the process of securing the operation, there are two state-of-the-art training rooms that simulate in real time the operation of the entire National Interconnected System in a controlled environment that prepares the operators for critical situations that they would face in real.

"The global electricity industry is facing one of its biggest changes and Colombia is not oblivious to this reality, which is why it is essential to have very strong institutions that incorporate new elements and actors in the most appropriate and harmonious way possible. several years developing initiatives and projects that point in that direction and, the new control center that we inaugurate today is proof of this, "said María Nohemi Arboleda, general manager of XM.