Garbarino planning to manufacture Samsung cell phones in Tierra del Fuego

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Argentine household goods retailer Garbarino will expand its manufacturing operations in Tierra del Fuego province by producing cell phones for Korea's Samsung Electronics, local newspaper El Cronista reported Garbarino's general manager Carlos García as saying.

García told Argentina's industry minister Débora Giorgi that Garbarino will begin manufacturing the cell phones for Samsung in June at its Digital Fueguina plant in the southernmost province. He said the company estimates it will produce 50,000 units per month, however Samsung has yet to define the specific models to be made.

Garbarino does not currently manufacture cell phones, but produces LCD and LED screen televisions, air conditioners and microwaves for Samsung. The company also produces microwaves for Electrolux and LCD screen TVs for Philips.

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In January, Garbarino launched a project to begin manufacturing 100,000 tablets a year for Samsung in Tierra del Fuego - where certain manufactured goods coming from the province enjoy special tax benefits.

The company said it plans to study manufacturing digital cameras for Samsung and previously said it was looking at producing laptops and netbooks for brands like HP and Lenovo.