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Get into the DevOps mindset to speed up OSS solution development

Thursday, February 8, 2018

DevOps and microservices is a combination destined to propel communication services providers (CSPs) into a new, high-speed age of SDN (software-defined networks), NFV (network function virtualization) and 5G. It will let OSS and BSS teams deliver new functionalities, using new tools, thanks to a mindset based on microservice architecture, process standardization and automation, the right toolchain, infrastructure as a code, and organizational changes.

DevOps methodology promotes faster, incremental, iterative solution delivery and encourages cooperation. Microservices give each DevOps teams full responsibility for small areas of systems, and let them perform updates in minutes.

Automation and "Continuous Everything" are the cornerstones of DevOps. When well-implemented, such an approach naturally leads to a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution, in which each layer of abstraction should be separate and exchangeable. Delivery and maintenance of a PaaS layer, and the tools shared by all DevOps teams, should be the operations team's responsibility. In addition, treating the configuration and deployment description of each microservice as code means it can be written, versioned and maintained as a standard defined by PaaS, just like source code. Not only that, appropriately documented APIs let CSPs and third parties develop and deliver new products and features automatically, on top of existing systems.

The approach saves time and increases agility for DevOps teams, who get real-time feedback on changes. Operations teams gain full control of the delivery platform, end users get more stable and up to date software, and business continuity is ensured.