IDC Brazil study: PC market grew 14% in Q2

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


São Paulo, September 4, 2018 - The PC market continues to grow. According to IDC Brasil, a leader in market intelligence, consulting services and conferences with the Information Technology and Telecommunications industries, between April, May and June 2018 1,415 million computers were sold, 14% more than in the same quarter of 2017, and 5.5% more than in the first quarter of this year. The data are part of the IDC Brazil PCs Tracker Q2 study , which also showed growth in terms of revenue: in the second quarter of 2018, PCs moved R $ 3.568 billion, 27.5% more than in the second quarter of 2017 and 19 % more than in the first three months of 2018.

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According to Wellington La Falce, research analyst at IDC, growth is basically due to the government and educational market movement, but it comes as no surprise. " Traditionally, in election years, purchases are intensified to ensure the park is upgraded in case of changes or future freezes on investments, " he says. As for retail, it also played its part, accounting for the purchase of 887 thousand machines, 5.3% more than in the same period of 2017 and 3.7% higher than the first quarter of 2018.

The average ticket also increased. In the second quarter of 2018, desktops cost about R $ 2,190, 11% more than in the same period of last year and 10% more than in the first quarter of this year, and notebooks cost an average of R $ 3,243 , 6.5% less than in the same period last year and 13% more than those sold in the first three months of 2018. The cause, says La Falce, was the rise in the dollar. " With the jump in the US currency, manufacturers were no longer able to keep prices at the end of last year," explains the IDC analyst.

What continued to fall in the second quarter of 2018 were desktop sales. Of the 1,415 million computers sold in the period, almost 70% were notebooks (977.5 thousand), against 436.9 thousand desktops. "For the first time in January and March 2018, notebooks accounted for 69.3 percent of sales, while desktops accounted for 30.7 percent of total sales, %, That is, the market is stabilized, "analyzes La Falce. In terms of revenue, desktops sales totaled R $ 935 million and notebook sales, R $ 2,632 billion.


For the third quarter of 2018, IDC Brasil expects a small increase in sales of PCs, still due to the purchases that are usually anticipated in electoral years. As for the dollar, according to La Falce, it will continue to impact the breath of the corporate market, but the sector can still see a growth of 6.3% in relation to the same period of 2017. In the B2C market, the expectation is a retraction of 5 %. " These months will be marked by a pause in purchases, as the domestic consumer should expect the promotions of Black Friday and Christmas," concludes the IDC analyst.