Latin America hungry for web 2.0 apps - Alcatel-Lucent

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Latin America rivals developed nations in its appetite for web 2.0 applications, Allison Cerra, Alcatel-Lucent's (NYSE: ALU) marketing head for the Americas, told press.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, Cerra said thousands of Latin American application developers are keen to create new business models with service providers that consumers and small businesses are increasingly willing to pay for.

With 280mn mobile users, Brazil and Mexico are two of the world's most important emerging markets, and consumers have a large appetite for services like presence and location.

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"End users, developers, advertisers and service providers can all benefit from an approach where consumers have control of their experience, developers have access to enhanced capabilities, and service providers monetize their investments to fuel future innovation," Cerra said.

Among the most attractive service opportunities for Latin America Cerra sees: advanced caller ID reflecting the location and social networking status of the incoming caller; gaming applications; and services such as allowing the storage of family records and entertainment files on the network and detecting when a family member has arrived home based on the location of his or her mobile device.

According to Cerra, some 90% of Latin American small businesses are attracted to service providers that can offer advanced network services, such as security and collaboration.

Latin America has the second-highest growth rate for developers in the world, behind only Asia Pacific, the executive said.

Cerra is the author of a new book on the subject called The Shift: The Evolving Market, Players and Business Models in a 2.0 World, which examines the developing ecosystem of service providers, developers and advertisers and addresses how business models can adapt to the pace of technology.