Mintel awards US$13.5mn contract to Telconet in national connectivity plan

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ecuadorian telecoms ministry Mintel has awarded a US$13.5mn contract to local telco Telconet to bring internet access to rural education establishments as part of the country's national connectivity plan, according to state news agency El Ciudadano.

Through the contract, Telconet will provide internet access, technical support and training to 947 educational establishments and 26 social development agencies, all in rural areas.

The process includes providing computers, projectors and digital whiteboards, as well as training teachers to use technology tools. The contract is complementary to previously awarded tenders for the provision of connectivity equipment to schools throughout the country.

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Installing the services is estimated to span 180 calendar days, while the contract is slated to last five years.

The national connectivity plan aims to bridge the digital gap in the country.