PNBL speeds "sufficient to accommodate" users' needs, floor of 512 Kbps - Telebras

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brazilian state telecom company Telebras aims to maintain connection speeds of at least 512 Kbps for all links to the government's national broadband plan, PNBL, but there is no specifically defined maximum speed, Telebras president Rogerio Santanna told BNamericas.

"The plan doesn't define these figures, because demands change very rapidly as technology improves," he said. "Telebras wants to offer broadband service that is sufficient to accommodate users' needs and assure access is available for the largest number of people."

The communications ministry intends for the PNBL to increase broadband access across Brazil, eventually reaching 39mn homes in more than 4,000 municipalities by 2014, while also reducing service costs for consumers.

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People in newly connected areas, Santanna said, are more likely to receive speeds in the range of 512 Kbps. Implementing the PNBL is scheduled to start in April, with more than 1,100 municipalities slated to receive broadband service in the next two years.

"For someone paying 35 reais (US$20.95) per month, we want to have at least 512 Kbps," Santanna said. "That doesn't mean that all of Brazil will have an average of 512 Kbps. It maybe means a person in the C [socio-economic] class range will have access to a package such as this in places where such offerings weren't available before. Others might pay more and have higher speeds. It depends."

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