President of Enacom meets with OAS Secretary General

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

By Enacom

August 21, 2018

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Silvana Giudici, in her capacity as Chair of the Permanent Consultative Committee of the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission, under the Organization of American States (OAS), was received by the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, to discuss the role of the countries members in the development of telecommunications, infrastructure and connectivity networks in the region. Giudici informed the Secretary General about the connectivity policies that the Argentine government has been developing to achieve Internet access for all citizens. Issues related to the human rights agenda and policies of plurality of voices, access to information and incentives for the community audiovisual sector were also discussed.

In addition, the president of Enacom participated in the 33rd Meeting of CICPI of CITEL, which addressed the issues related to telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). There, concrete aspects were discussed to advance during the next 4 years with strategies for the deployment of infrastructure, development of services and applications of telecommunications / ICT, improvement of connectivity and affordability of services, reduction of the digital divide, gender equity, reduction of theft and counterfeiting of mobile devices, and the elimination of roaming. The proposals that our region prepares for the 18th Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-18) of the International Union of Communications (ITU) that will take place in October in Dubai were also discussed.

On the other hand, Silvana Giudici met with the Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Michael O 'Rielly, to continue strengthening the exchange of experience among regulators and reaffirm the bilateral cooperation for the improvement of communications in our country.

Also, the owner of Enacom held a meeting with the Argentine Ambassador in the United States, Fernando Oris de Roa, where they discussed Argentina's work in international communications organizations and the importance of maintaining an international agenda on the subject.

In the framework of CITEL activities, Silvana Giudici also participated in the opening panel of the "Multistakeholder Seminar on the future of Internet governance" and accompanied the incorporation of the Argentine Internet Chamber (CABASE) as a new associate member by Argentina of the CICC.

Finally, the president of the Ente signed her adhesion to the GQUAL campaign (Campaign for gender parity in international representation), where she reaffirmed her commitment to gender parity in representation before international organizations, as well as in each professional field.