Sutel appoints Méndez as council president

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Costa Rican telecoms regulator Sutel's VP, Maryleana Méndez, assumed the post of Sutel council president on Tuesday (Mar 1), according to a release from the regulator.

The position had been occupied by Méndez on an interim basis since February 12, and a unanimous decision was made February 25 to officially appoint her as council president.

For the past two years, George Miley was the council's president. Upon assuming her new post, Méndez acknowledged Miley's accomplishments during his tenure.

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Méndez said Miley took charge of Sutel when it was only a set of rules and regulations, and the watchdog has since developed into an entity with qualified staff, specialized measuring equipment, tools and adequate physical space to carry out studies and reports. She also recognized his leadership during recent spectrum tender process.

In a separate release, the president of local IT and telecoms chamber Camtic, Alexander Mora, congratulated Méndez and applauded the board's unanimous decision to appoint her.

Sutel's board currently comprises three members: Méndez, former president Miley and Carlos Gutiérrez. The presidential appointment is held annually between these three members.