Telecoms watchdog looking to improve quality of service

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ecuador will implement initiatives to provide better quality telecoms industry management for users, state-run media outlet El Ciudadano quoted Fabian Jaramillo, head of telecoms supervisory body Supertel, as saying.

To improve industry standards, Supertel expects to implement quality management indicators. Jaramillo said imposing sanctions and fines on companies is not enough; the idea behind the sanctions is for companies to also make corrections when there are service problems.

Another initiative Jaramillo will pursue during his tenure is eliminating criminal activity in telecoms, such as corrupt use of information and data transferred via mobile telephony. The prosecutor and ombudsmen offices will help with this effort.

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Jaramillo said he hopes that with a new focus on telecoms services management, operators will begin providing better quality services at lower prices.