DF's new Metrobús corridor to cost US$93mn

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The total investment for the new mass transit corridor serving Mexico City (DF) will come to nearly 1bn pesos (US$93.4mn), newspaper El Financiero reported.

The line, which will run east-west for 17.2km along the Eje 4 Sur road, will have 35 stations and see the transport of some 16mn passengers a year. It will connect with Metrobús' existing north-south Insurgentes corridor, as well as with the DF's metro system on lines 1 through 4, 7 and 8, the paper reported.

DF mayor Marcelo Ebrard plans to install 10 Metrobús lines by the end of his administration in 2012. The goal is to have low-emission buses traveling on 220km of roads, thereby providing better public transportation services to DF residents and lowering carbon emissions by replacing older buses and getting more people out of cars and onto buses.

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By the time the 10 trunk routes are inaugurated, the system will be larger than the DF's current metro system, which has 170 stations and runs along 180km of track.

The total cost of the new Metrobús system is expected to come in at around 8bn pesos, of which multilateral bank funding will be solicited for the purchase of the new fleet, to be comprised of 600-700 articulated and bi-articulated buses, according to past reports.