Bolivia and Spain sign agreement for the development of the bioceanic train

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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Santa Cruz, Aug 28 (ABI) .- The importance given by the Government of Spain to the Bioceanic Train is absolute, the president of that country, Pedro Sánchez, who is on an official visit to Bolivia, said on Tuesday night of the endeavor that aims to unite the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific.

"The importance that the government of Spain, my country, gives to this project is absolute," he said at a press conference in the city of Santa Cruz, in eastern Bolivia, after a meeting with his Bolivian colleague Evo Morales.

The Spanish president said that Spain is among the few countries in Europe, including Germany and Switzerland, which are willing to invest in this multi-million dollar project and recalled that there are more than "10,000 million euros that are linked to Spain."

"And the importance we give is important because everything that has to do with the development and progress of this beautiful country, this land with which so many things unite us will always be welcome in Spain," he endorsed.

Sánchez said that Spain does not look "the other way", on the contrary, applauds and is "extraordinarily" satisfied "to be able to translate" his signature into a project that will bring opportunities, employment and progress.

The Bioceanic Railway Corridor, which galvanizes Bolivia, will demand an investment of between $ 10,000 and $ 14,000 million to unite the Brazilian port of Santos, in the Atlantic, with the Peruvian port of Ilo, in the Pacific, baptized as the Panama Canal of the XXI century.


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ABI. All rights reserved. 1998-2018.