Brazil launches rail project evaluation tender

Monday, November 17, 2014

Brazil has called a 10.8mn-real (US$4.16mn) consultancy tender to evaluate technical viability studies for six proposed stretches of railroad totaling 4,676km.

Companies or two-party consortiums should submit proposals for the 12-month project on December 10, the federal government, through logistics and planning group EPL, said in a procurement notice.

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The bidding process will be based on the country's differentiated contracting system RDC.

Company must have at least 1.1mn reais in capital and consortiums 1.43mn reais, the notice said.

The winning contractor will be required to evaluate studies from 20 private sector companies. They were approved in August following an expressions of interest phase in July.

Construction of the railroads falls under Brazil's national logistics investment program, PIL.


Studies for four stretches should be completed by February. These run from Açailândia (Maranhão state) to Barcarena (Pará state), Anápolis (Goiás) to Corinto (Minas Gerais), Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais) to Guanambi (Bahia) and Estrela D'Oeste (São Paulo) to Dourados (Mato Grosso do Sul) and span 457km, 775km, 845km and 659km, respectively.

The remaining two stretches should have their studies ready by April. These run 990km, from Sinop (Mato Grosso) to Miritituba (Pará) and 950km, from Sapezal (Mato Grosso) to Porto Velho (Rondônia).