Colombia's RegioTram funding plan outlined

Friday, November 25, 2016

The national government of Colombia and the regional government of Cundinamarca department will jointly fund the RegioTram light rail project, the country's infrastructure agency ANI said.

The line will connect capital Bogotá with nearby suburbs.

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It will be carried out under a public-partnership model, with a private company contributing 70% and the government 30%.

"This project will take place. It is one of the most important ones for Bogotá and the country, as in addition, from an economic point of view, it is vital as it will connect the El Dorado airport with the [future] El Dorado II, and these two with downtown Bogotá," said national infrastructure agency ANI director Luis Fernando Andrade in a release.

RegioTram will complement the mass transport systems of the city, namely, the BRT Transmilenio system and the future Bogotá metro.

In the case of the metro system, Andrade said that the two systems will intercept on 19th street and Caracas avenue.

The 41km, 1.66tn-peso (US$524mn) RegioTram project envisions 18 stations, 12 of which will be located within Bogotá.