Argentina hosts pioneering G20 insurance event

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

An international insurance event - the first of its kind held within the framework of the G20 - kicked off in Argentina on Tuesday.

The two-day conference - Insurance Forum 2018 - marks the first time that the insurance sector has joined the discussion agenda of the G20, a leading forum of the world's major economies.

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Argentina, which this year holds the rotating G20 presidency, is hosting the conference in the southern tourist city of San Carlos de Bariloche.

"The long-term objective of this event is to position the insurance sector, both regulators and the industry, as a participant, unique and different from other economic actors, in the face of future G20 events, strengthening political leadership through international engagement," Argentina's insurance industry watchdog SSN said in a statement. "At the SSN, we believe that it is essential for the development of the industry within a framework of predictability and commitment with the best practices worldwide."

The industry officials and regulators in attendance are exploring topics such as the contribution of insurance to the construction of resilient economies, investment in sustainable infrastructure, technological disruption, and globalization of the insurance and reinsurance markets.

"Insurance is capable of being a leading player in the development of the economy and it is our challenge to generate the conditions to provide long-term investment alternatives in infrastructure to create resilient economies and contribute to the development of our countries in an inclusive manner," SSN chief Juan Pazo (pictured) said.

An executive committee presiding over the event comprises Adrián Werthein, shareholder of local workers compensation insurer Experta ART; Alejandro Simon, CEO of local insurance heavyweight Sancor Seguros; José Cardoso, president of Brazilian reinsurance giant IRB; Recaredo Arias, president of the Global Federation of Insurance Associations; and Toyonari Sasaki, vice chairman of the Life Insurance Association of Japan.

SSN is working to open up and modernize and expand Argentina's insurance sector.