Brazilian senate to vote on spending cap bill

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The constitutional amendment that the Brazilian government wants to enact to bring in a public spending cap was due to be voted on in the senate on Tuesday.

After suffering a political scandal last week when he was accused of influence peddling, President Michel Temer is attempting to push his economic reforms through in order to save face and prove to investors and entrepreneurs that he has the support of congress and the senate to approve them.

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The spending cap was previously approved in a two-round vote in the lower house, with 359 votes in favor and 116 against. The second and final senate vote is expected to take place on December 13.

Both rounds in the senate require a three-fifths majority in order to be approved. According to local daily Folha de S.Paulo, the government's goal is to have the support of 61-65 of its 81 senators in Tuesday's vote.

In addition to the spending cap, this week the government plans to announce new measures t unlock investments for the oil industry, rules for the privatization of airports and details of its pension reform bill, which it says will be sent to congress in December.