Chile regulator makes pension fund investment regulatory change

Friday, July 27, 2018

This is a machine translation of an abbreviated version of the regulator's release. For the full and original version, click here .

The Superintendency of Pensions issued Circular No. 2,043 that repeals Circular No. 2,026, relating to the Parameters for calculating the investment limits of Pension Funds and Unemployment Funds, which will enter into force on July 23, 2018. In the Circular, the list of the shares of national public limited companies that comply with the requirements defined by the Investment Regime of the Pension Funds is published, to be considered in the general investment categories.

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It should be noted that those equities that do not meet the aforementioned requirements may be acquired under the conditions established for the restricted category, defined in the aforementioned Regime.

The detail of this information is found below:


1. In accordance with the provisions of the sixth subparagraph of Article 45 of DL 3,500 of 1980 and the Investment Regime of Pension Funds, the shares eligible in the general category, by instrument and by issuer, as of July 23 of 2018, by virtue of compliance with the adjusted presence requirement greater than or equal to 25% or having a Market Maker under the terms and conditions established in the current Regulations, are the following: