ASIMET: Advanced manufacturing is key for Chile to compete globally

Monday, July 30, 2018

Press Release by ASIMET

"Industry 4.0 in Chile: the great opportunity to compete" is the title of the Annual Industry Forum, which will take place on August 1. President Sebastián Piñera was invited to the meeting and will culminate in a debate on public policies to encourage investment in Industry 4.0.

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The deindustrialization that affects Chile, with recent closures of companies - such as the Maersk refrigerated container factory - will be addressed this year at the Annual Industry Forum with an eye on advanced manufacturing as the only opportunity for our country to compete at the same level as the great economies of the world.

Thus, this year the traditional Industry Forum will focus on delivering the key tools for Chile to be inserted in the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is already a reality in the world. The event is organized by ASIMET and will take place next August 1st from 8:30 in CasaPiedra.

The President of the Republic was invited to the event and during the day national and international experts will discuss the various aspects involved in facing this new reality, while at the same time publicizing the experiences of Industry 4.0 in the developed world.

The program includes the inaugural speech of the ASIMET president and the intervention of the President of the Republic. Then the Minister of Economy, José Ramón Valente, will give a talk regarding Industry 4.0 in Chile. After them will give way to different presentations, starting with the European experiences in this area, with the participation of renowned specialists. The Spanish Jordi Palmiola, responsible for Industry 4.0 of Eurecat, will present the experience of his country in the implementation of the so-called advanced manufacturing, and Oliver Rotmann, president of the German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will then refer to the experience of Industry 4.0 in Germany.

The next session will address the issue of the implementation of Industry 4.0 in Chile. Sergio Rademacher, Microsoft's country manager, will take part in the topic of Connectivity and Industrial Digitalization. Then, to analyze how Industry 4.0 transforms the business model, experts Jorge Rojas, consulting partner Deloitte Consulting, and Marcel Villegas, partner of Human Capital Deloitte, will intervene.

Another session will be dedicated to Industry 4.0 and collaborative human capital, in which will be exposed Veronica Alaimo, Senior Labor Specialist at Inter-American Development Bank, and Marco Bentivogli, secretary of the Metalworkers Union of Italy.

Finally, there will be a debate on public policies to encourage investment in Industry 4.0 where Juan Carlos Martinez, president of the Council for the Development of National Manufacturing, Bettina Horst, deputy director of Public Policies of Freedom and Development will intervene; Nancy Díaz, Assistant General Manager of Acerline SS and Rocío Fonseca, Innovation Manager of Corfo.

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