Aguaytia Negotiates Pucallpa Gas Distribution

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Energy company Aguaytia Energy del Peru is negotiating with the two qualified companies in the tender to distribute natural gas to the Peruvian town of Pucallpa, a company source told

"Of the 12 companies that participated, two were qualified, but we cannot reveal their names because we are negotiating the award of the contract and there are confidentiality agreements involved," the source said, who would only add that one of the companies is Colombian and the other a partnership formed by a Peruvian and a US company.

"We've decided to negotiate directly with the two qualified companies, and will award the contract to the one who makes us the best offer," the source added.

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The tender will select the best offer to distribute natural gas to Pucallpa from reserves at Aguaytia's own reserves at a deposit in the town of Curimana. This is the first such tender for the distribution of natural gas in a Peruvian city.

Aguaytia operates a 55.7 million cubic feet per day processing plant and a 4,200 barrels of liquid natural gas per day fractionation plant for derivates such as liquid natural gas. The liquids are sent to Pucallpa through a 98km pipeline.

Aguaytia Energy del Peru is a subsidiary of Aguaytia Energy, which is developing the Aguaytia energy project, which includes gas production, thermoelectric generation in a 160MW natural gas plant through the company Termoselva, and 392km of transmission lines through its subsidiary Eteselva.

Aguaytia Energy partners are US' Dallas-based Maple Gas Corporation del Peru, Duke Energy International, El Paso Energy International Company, Illinois-based Illinova Generating Company, Power Markets Development Company, and Scudder Latin American Power Fund.