YPFB releases prod. data by department/company

Monday, December 15, 2003

Bolivia's Santa Cruz department was the area of the country that produced most oil condensates and natural gasoline to end-September this year, according to figures from state-owned oil company YPFB, quoted by government news service ABI.

Average production in Santa Cruz was 14,203 barrels a day (b/d), 37.2% of the national total.

Cochabamba department was the second highest producer with an average of 11,870b/d (31.1%), followed by Chuquisaca with 10,225b/d (25.8%) and Tarija with 1,828b/d (4.9%).

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By company, Maxus produced most condensates and natural gasoline to end-September, averaging 10,256b/d (28.9%), followed by Chaco with 8,684b/d (22.8%), Petrobras with 8,541b/d (22.4%), Andina with 7,800b/d (20.4%), Pluspetrol with 1,046b/d (2.95%), Petrobras Energia with 1,006b/d (2.83%), BG with 1,005b/d (2.83%) and Vintage with 395b/d (1.1%).

Santa Cruz department produced most natural gas liquids (NGLs), with an average of 608 cubic meters a day (cm/d) or 38.2% of the total, followed by Cochabamba with 486cm/d (30.7%), Chuquisaca with 302cm/d (19%) and Tarija with 194cm/d (12.2%).

Chaco produced an average 553cm/d of NGLs (34.7%) from January-September, followed by Andina with 497cm/d (25.8%), Maxus with 240 cm/d (15.1%) and Petrobras Energia with 177cm/d (11.1%).

Tarija department produced most natural gas subject to royalty payments and participations to end-June, with an average of 373 million cubic feet a day (mcf/d) (58%), followed by Santa Cruz with 168mcf/d (26.1%), Cochabamba with 86.9mcf/d (13.8%) and Chuquisaca with 14.3mcf/d (2.2%).

Petrobras produced the most natural gas to end-September, with an average of 311mcf/d (48.4%), followed by Andina with 120mcf/d (18.8%), Chaco with 101mcf/d (15.7%), Pecom with 38.5mcf/d (5.7%) and Vintage with 23.9mcf/d (5.7%).