Argentina caps bioethanol prices

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Argentina has put a 7.5% cap on the price variation of sugarcane-based bioethanol and 10.5% for corn-based bioethanol, respective to each fuel's October price. The cap will remain in effect until the end of January.

The cap sets sugarcane-based bioethanol at 15.608 pesos per liter (US$0.892/l) and corn-based bioethanol at 12.193 pesos/l.

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The same resolution from the energy and mines ministry instructs bioethanol producers to provide exact up-to-date production costs or face sanctions.

Compared to biodiesel, Argentina conducts very little trade in bioethanol. The government is looking into ways of expanding the use of biofuels and there are plans to implement domestic bioethanol incentives similar to Brazil, with mandated mixes and flex-fuel cars.