Ecopetrol receives gas treatment plant Dina

Friday, June 29, 2018

This press release from Ecopetrol was published using an automatic translation system.

As of July 1, 2018, Ecopetrol begins the direct operation of the Dina gas treatment plant (PTGD), located in the department of Huila, which since April 2010 has been operated by the company Masa Stork, responsible for its construction. , operation and maintenance.

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In accordance with the stipulations of the contract, starting this year the plant will be operated directly by Ecopetrol, with the support of operation and maintenance contracts, which allow to ensure the development of the processes with the highest social standards , environmental and safety, in accordance with corporate social responsibility policies and preserving the best industry practices for this type of facility.

For the delivery and receipt of the Gas Plant, an interdisciplinary team consisting of representatives of both companies was appointed, with a view to guaranteeing a transparent and timely process with all stakeholders.

The PTGD has a treatment capacity of 10 million cubic feet standard day (MPCSD) of gas associated with the oil fields of the Dina area. As a result of the treatment to the associated gas, dry gas can be obtained according to the conditions of the unique transportation regulations for Colombia (RUT), commercial LPG and natural gasoline.

The operation of the PTGD allows us to continue taking advantage of the gas associated with the production of crude oil in the fields of the Operations Management of Development and Production Huila, (which would otherwise be burned) for the generation of electric power for use in the facilities of Ecopetrol, production of commercial LPG and natural gasoline, which allows to improve the characteristics of extracted oil.

With the use of natural gas for self-consumption electricity generation, Ecopetrol optimizes the electric power consumption of the national interconnected system, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by non-renewable energy sources and ensuring the reliability of the energy supply as such.

Masa Stork expresses sincere thanks to Ecopetrol for the opportunity to advance in technologies for the gas business; to the communities close to the operation for their willingness and willingness to work together, and to the authorities for the collaboration in the development of this impact project for the department, reiterating as a company conceived in the region the commitment to continue present contributing to the development of the South of the country.