Interoil hopeful of starting Vikingo workover

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Interoil remains in talks with local communities and landowners as it seeks to begin a workover at its Vikingo-x1 well in Colombia, the company said on Tuesday.

Production at the well on the Llanos- 47 block was halted in July ahead of a planned 10-day program aimed at changing a downhole pump and adapting Vikingo's production string.

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However the operation has been stymied by members of the Duya native tribe, who have blocked the company's access to the site.

"Regardless of the positive outcome and recent improved social relationship with the Duya [people], Interoil keeps working to get access approval from private landowners through an alternative route named 'The Northern Road'," Oslo-based Interoil said in a statement.

"Once all landowners grant us the right of way, we will be able to evacuate Vikingo's production and, also, move equipment should the Duya surprisingly block the access path through their territory again.