PDVSA builds 2 desal plants

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Venezuela's PDVSA has built two crude oil desalination plants at the Puerto La Cruz refinery in Anzoátegui state to optiize heavy and extra heavy crude processing, as part of the upgrade works to the refinery.

The state oil firm's industrial subsidiary VHICOA built the two plants to extract water and salt from the 8 API oil, also known as Merey-type crude, PDVSA said in a press release.

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Located some 300km east of Caracas, the Puerto La Cruz refinery currently specializes in light crude oil products. The addition of heavy crude oil facilities is expected to bring a large increase in revenue, as well as enable the more efficient use of non-renewable petroleum resources.

The two desalination plants will now be transported from Ciudad Guayana to the refinery via river and road.

In related news, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro met with Chevron's president for America and Africa, Clay Neff, and with the company's advisor to the CEO, Alí Moshiri, to explore mechanisms to continue the US oil firm's collaboration with PDVSA in the face of the financial blockade against Chevron's joint operations in Venezuela imposed by US President Donald Trump.