Peru creates Center of Convergence and Good Mining-Energy Practices

Thursday, August 2, 2018

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During a special ceremony held today at the Government Palace, President Martín Vizcarra signed Supreme Decree 020-2018-EM creating the new Center for Convergence and Good Mining-Energy Practices, a space that will promote socially and environmentally responsible operations and encourage dialogue technical to achieve consensus in favor of a better sustainable use of resources in favor of the development of the country.

The center will promote technical discussion and the exchange of lessons learned between the State, the private sector, civil society and the academic sphere. Precisely, representatives of these sectors participated today in the ceremony led by President Vizcarra, the head of the Council of Ministers, César Villanueva and the Minister of Energy and Mines, Francisco Ísmodes.

This strategic instrument of great impact - driven by the Ministry of Energy and Mines with the technical support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Gérens - has two lines of action: good practices and convergence, as well as the objective of generating a shared vision that ensures operations and private investments that apply new technologies, enable economic growth, at the same time caring for the environment and healthy coexistence with communities, making possible the achievement of long-term agreements around State policies.

To this end, it will aim to achieve consensus in favor of stability, competitiveness and mining-energy sustainability, as well as advance the implementation of initiatives around the "Strategy of the Mining Sector to 2030", whose proposal will be presented to the President in December of this year for its subsequent validation by various groups and in a decentralized manner, for a period of nine to twelve months.

President Vizcarra said that the convergence of good practices that exist in the mining-energy sector is needed and that it has allowed for successful projects. He also stressed that any private initiative will be welcomed in Peru but provided that benefits are generated for the community and the country and the environment is preserved.

For its part, the Minister of Energy, Francisco Ísmodes, invited the various sectors to join the center to work together for the sustainable development of the country. "We seek to generate these consensus with proposals of short, medium and long term, as well as generate a consensual vision of the mining-energy activity and that this is compliant with the legal and environmental norms, of good social practices. sustainability, "he stressed.

The center will be a space that will help to make transcendental decisions regarding strategic issues for the sustainable development of the country, such as the Social Advancement Fund, the canon, the Prior Consultation, the use of water, small mining and artisanal mining, formalization and technological innovation, and others.

It should be noted that the values ​​on which the center will be based are transparency and integrity, commitment, impartiality, tolerance and respect, while its principles will be multi-stakeholder participation, dialogue, consensus based on evidence and innovation. During the installation ceremony it was recalled that similar spaces have already been created in other countries.