Roundup: LNG supply, oil spill plan, permitting

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chilean natural gas distributor Metrogas reported it began supply of "mobile" LNG to its eighth plant in the country and the third to poultry producer Ariztía which will replace part of its oil-fired boilers with gas.

The virtual or truck-based transport system for large clients originates at LNG storage and regasification terminal GNL Quintero.

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Trinidad and Tobago energy minister Kevin Ramnarine signed the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan that sets oil spill equipment stockpile standards, establishes oil spill response times and increases agency cooperation.


And in Peru, the energy and mines ministry's energy environmental affairs department approved an environmental management plan (EMP) submitted by Petrolífera Petroleum to relocate platforms on block 107 as part of exploration drilling; and Vetra's EMP to relocate two exploration wells on block XXV.