SIIGeoWeb, a tool for oil exploration in Mexico

Friday, August 3, 2018

This press release from The Mexican Petroleum Institute was published using an automatic translation system.

The Integral System of Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Information of the Oil Provinces of Mexico (SIIGeoWeb® -IMP) is a technological platform developed through an innovation project and registered by the Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP), which has three characteristics main: first, it has a database that integrates in a structured and related way all the specialties of Geosciences (geology, geochemistry and geophysics); second, it has a graphical user interface using the new trends in Web mobility technologies, both in fixed and mobile computing equipment: laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.; and third, it provides online information services focused on business cases, for companies and institutions that participate in the development of the national hydrocarbon sector, such as Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH), private operators, as to the academic scientific sector.

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This system was developed by specialized personnel in Exploration Solutions, in collaboration with specialists in Information Technology and has three main characteristics for the parameterization of specific business cases. The first one is a relational data structure, according to the specialties of geosciences, in which data and specific information of interest are fed. The second particularity is a taxonomic tree in topics and subtopics focused on the specialties of geology, geochemistry and geophysics, with the classification of the data and information fed into the data repository according to the requirements and the areas of interest of the case. deal. The last feature is that it has an online graphical user interface (Web), for the georeferenced query on the map of the Mexican Republic of the data and specific information and interest of the business case.

The benefits offered by SIIGeoWeb®-IMP: 1) The collection of information on the geosciences specialties in oil exploration in the Mexican oil provinces, contained in the data bank of the National Hydrocarbons Information Center (CNIH), for its selection and capture within the structured data repository. 2) The classification of this information of the specialties of geology, geochemistry and geophysics, based on the taxonomic tree configured in SIIGeoWeb® -IMP and the experience of the specialists in Geosciences in the oil exploration of the Mexican oil provinces. 3) The consultation of data and geo-referenced information, structured and validated by specialists in Geosciences in exploration. 4) Have online information services parameterized to the needs and specific characteristics of the business case. 5) The management, through this technological platform, of updates, new studies, reports, analyzes and interpretations in the specialties of Geosciences, and the consultation of information generated through its derivatives. 6) Guarantee the security and consistency of the data through an authentication by type, profile, role and user privileges, as well as the control of a single session, for access to the platform.

This project has a direct relationship with the National Hydrocarbons Information Center (CNIH) of the CNH, precisely to help them to ensure that the information consulted is structured and that the CNH uses this technological platform as a window to consult its end users. .

With this the IMP offers an innovative product; In addition, its use and acquisition will be an important information tool for all companies and institutions that participate in the country's energy sector.

Having the SIIGeoWeb® places the IMP as the most important technological partner in the field of Geosciences, by applying information technologies to strengthen the lines of business of basin assessment and incorporation of reserves, which can be offered to the new national hydrocarbons market .

The information that was generated during so many years in the IMP and in Pemex, and that is now regulated by the CNH, leads us to be consulted through the use of this technological platform by our potential customers, through an online subscription that it is parameterized according to the specific requirements of the business case. This process is in accordance with the guidelines and regulations for the use of information by the CNH, through the agreements that exist between the IMP and the National Hydrocarbons Commission.