YPFB automates Monteagudo plant and expands production of LPG bottling by 50%

Friday, August 24, 2018

This press release from YPFB was published using an automatic translation system.

The president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales Ayma, delivered this Friday the new Liquefied Petroleum Gas Plant (GLP) Monteagudo, a complex that will increase the production of bottling by 50%.

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The automation of this plant allows 1,600 cylinders to be filled per day, with the previous capacity of 800 cylinders per day.

This project allows to automate different stages of the bottling, like the sealing, control of flight in valves and the control of filling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

"The project contemplates new infrastructure, equipment and technology in accordance with regulations established by the National Hydrocarbons Agency, in order to cover the growing demand in our country, guaranteeing the supply of LPG and the quality of the service provided by YPFB through of its plant of bottling", highlighted the president of YPFB, Óscar Barriga Arteaga.

The objective is to give greater efficiency in the process of bottling and guarantee the supply of the product in the Chuquisaca region.


Around 39,177 inhabitants will benefit from this project in which more than Bs 12.7 million were invested in the new LPG engarrafado plant.

The project located in the Thurupampa area, 10 kilometers from Monteagudo, province of Hernando Siles, Chuquisaca department, is part of the remodeling and adaptation of five tie-up plants nationwide, within the scope of the LPG supply and marketing program.