Wanted: Foreign partners for Brazil's infra concessions

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Brazilian government officials have been holding meetings over the past few weeks in search of foreign investors and businesses interested in partnering up with local firms to compete in upcoming infrastructure concessions.

Besides a visit to New York last month, meetings have been held with representatives from a number of other countries and, most recently, the local government wrapped up talks last week with entrepreneurs from 23 Italian firms, local paper Estadão reported.

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Among those in talks were executives from engineering, financing, equipment manufacturing and road and highway concession companies. Representatives from 16 mid-sized Brazilian firms were also present, most of them from the construction industry.

Topics included environmental regulatory issues and forming consortiums, the report said, explaining that upcoming meetings are planned with Spanish companies.

Interim planning minister Dyogo Oliveira, partnerships investment secretary Moreira Franco, Banco do Brasil president Paulo Caffarelli, and local construction chamber CBIC president José Carlos Martins were present at the meetings to plan projects under the country's infrastructure program Crescer, which involves works to improve airports, highways, railways, port terminals, oilfields, electric power and waterworks infrastructure.