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Agriculture, a new catalyst for IoT
Countdown to Mexico's 1st deepwater auction
Carlos Slim urges focus on Mexico's internal market, not Trump
Paraguay to tender US$230mn road project by end-2016
Work begins on US$550mn Bogotá-Girardot highway expansion

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Odebrecht admits guilt and signs US$2bn Lava Jato plea deal
Expansion works completed on El Salvador international airport
IN BRIEF: Peru greenlights acreage transfer deal
Colombia kicks off work on Cesar-La Guajira 4G road project
Petrobras shareholders approve US$5bn sale of pipeline unit
Colombia's Santa Marta railway due to start operating in 2017
Pemex CEO voices deepwater auction timing concerns
Peru counting on infrastructure to shine as mining fades
Brazil preps advanced manufacturing plan
Brazil's Temer signs off on pre-salt bill